Hellenic International Studies in the Arts
"To all the students and friends of Hellenic International Studies in the Arts, a very warm welcome on behalf of the community of the island of Paros. May you profit from your studies here, and enjoy the beauty and cultural atmosphere of Paros - the artists' and writers' island"
Mayor Yiannis Ragoussis

Left: The Mayor of Paros
welcomes HISA students.
Greek Easter at the HISA compound Painters discussing their work Planning the day's excursion
Fieldwork at the archaeological excavations in Akrotiri, Santorini   Screenwriting with Jason Shinder, Program Director Sundance Institute  
Mosaic Workshop with visiting Artist
Tina Slemr
The sculpture workshop Painting at the port Dance workshop
Good friends inspire my poetry
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"Being in Mr. Tagrin's Creative Writing workshop (who very soon became just Barry to me) really helped me expand and improve my poetry. We worked on a consistent, weekly basis, poem by poem, very often just the two of us, until I was really able to understand how I was writing and what my subjects were. He helped me to deepen the sense and feeling of my poems and taught me how to focus on expressing the ideas and emotions that I was struggling to present well in my work. When I return home and go back to Evergreen College next semester, I'll do that with much more confidence and a far stronger hold on myself and my writing."
With eternal gratitude, Amber.

At Delos Philosophy class on the HISA patio Dion giving an outdoor lecture
Learning about Ancient Greek Theatre Visiting artists sharing photos
"My favorite memory of HISA? Picking the olives, poetry readings at the mountain compound, and of course when actor Billy Zane lectured the Film students on Bogart and Bacall."
Miki Tobine

"As a Photography major at VCU, I wanted not only the beauty of a Greek island but teachers who could guide me in capturing it on film. To Cameron, Len and the professionals at the HISA digital lab, my deepest gratitude for the most caring study abroad experience I can imagine. The many working field trips to Santorini, Delos, Myconos, Samos and Turkey were really inspiring, and you helped me to get to know and really understand the people, culture and history of the Aegean. All the projects we did together throughout the semester helped give me the confidence and photographic results I needed to fulfill my senior portfolio requirements, and construct my own website. I especially appreciate the fact that HISA is sensitive to the different levels of experience their photography students have, which allowed me to advance quickly from where I was before I came to Paros." - Jenny Thomas, photography student at HISA

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Linda Gregg, visiting poet and teacher from Princeton University Zach's impression of his poetry teacher Visiting poet Don Schofield
"Congratulations on the great success of your program's voyage. It has steered an even more ambitious and adventurous course than you expressed in our last European get together. Paros, the white island that provided marble for so many of the world's great sculptures, takes its place again as an exporter of lasting beauties- this time chiseled in the minds and hearts of your students."
Daniel Goulding, Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts, Oberlin College
Literature HISA Musicians

East and West
Barry with HISA busker in Sapporo Composing on Barry's patio on Paros
"The first time I am doing street performance to get over my shyness to play in front of people. Thanks Sensei Tagrin: you really Stand By Me."
Michio, student in HISA's Studio Rhythm Dance Program
"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…. For introducing me to Classical Literature I never imagined could be so interesting. For the poetry readings, and Greek dancing on the roof patio of the school. For those incredible dinners up at the mountain compound, and learning how to snorkel off the zodiac. For teaching me how to be a little less judgmental, and how to make informed judgments when they are called for. For that wonderful journey to Turkey, and the long evenings of good conversation at Cafe Latte. For Yuko shopping for me when I twisted my ankle on the donkey ride, and Dimitra bringing me hot dinners from her father's restaurant. For Barry giving me back the confidence to write. For a hundred kindnesses and a thousand indelible memories. For the friendships I formed with the other students and the artists of the island. In sum, for the experience against which all future experience will be measured."
Tori Blake
Karen with Yorgos, the subject of her prize-winning biography   Jan and Yuko on a night out in Paros   Jamaria and Ethel hamming it up after Film class
  Making a new friend  
Lifelong pals Sweet harmony Marco and Ai dancing
"I applaud the dedication and sense of purpose which links HISA with its Eastern European affiliate here in Prague. You have moved the concept of studying abroad onto a new plane, where the artist and the educator become one and the same."
Tomas Vicek, Director, Prague Museum of Modern Art
A group relax A group dinner
"I have been watching HISA expand ever since we gave our joint university seminars in Malaysia and Japan a decade ago, and what can I say except Bravo! It is always a pleasure working with the HISA family and sending students to your wonderful island. I certainly know where I plan to spend my next sabbatical."
David Fox, Professor of English, University of Texas
Photography safari with HISA zodiac. A farewell at the Acropolis