Hellenic International Studies in the Arts
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Paros is located ninety miles south of Athens in the center of the Cycladic islands. It is one of the great crossroads of the Aegean, and is served by daily ferry and air transportation. Such other popular destinations as Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Turkey can all be reached in a few hours by ferry.
Since classical times, the beautiful Cycladic island of Paros has been a natural retreat for artists and writers. In keeping with this tradition, Paros today more than meets its reputation as a creative center.
An active community of working artists and writers gives to Paros an expressive and productive air that blends in well with the island's pleasant bohemian atmosphere.
HISA participants will find that in addition to the seductive allure of the island's lively café and village life, and the quieter pleasures of visits to her numerous monasteries and archeological sites, Paros supports an array of substantive year-round cultural and social activities. Classical and folk music festivals, performances by the island's many music and dance troupes, and colorful religious celebrations make every season in Paros an experiential imperative.  
Mayor of Paros Island Greece, Yiannis Ragoussis

"To all the students and friends of Hellenic International Studies in the Arts, a very warm welcome on behalf of the community of the island of Paros. May you profit from your studies here, and enjoy the beauty and cultural atmosphere of Paros - the artists' and writers' island"
Mayor Yiannis Ragoussis