Hellenic International Studies in the Arts
Literature PAROS
From the doorstep of the HISA building innumerable donkey trails lead up to breathtaking monasteries, the marble quarry, Valley of Butterflies, and of course our compound at Thapsana where we host the traditional poetry dinners, a cornerstone of the HISA experience.
Literature DIVING
Different diving schools are available to take you on special underwater archeological odysseys to view the marine ecology and biology off the coasts of Paros and nearby islands. You can learn to scuba dive and to record your underwater adventures and explorations by photography and video.
Literature ATHENS
Just a short boat trip from Paros, Athens, with its wise old stones and bustling back streets, markets, cafes, and museums, gateways your arrival into the world of Classical Greece.
(on the left: Brett at the Parthenon, who these days
has his own sailing school in st augustine)
Literature NAXOS
The arch at the harbor of Naxos marks the gateway into Dionysos' mythical realm: HISA students explore the villages of the high mountain interior, hike isolated trails, and wander through the Castle district of the old town before relaxing over mezes at the port cafe.
Literature DELOS
Few locations in Greece compare with Delos, birthplace of Apollo and the sacred island of ancient times. The Classical ruins exist in a magical surrounding that is unmatched both for its historical significance and its spiritual serenity. One of our favorite excursions.
A little variety never hurts; and it's refreshing to have a place like Mykonos just next door. Great shopping, great beaches, great nightlife, and still the most typically Cycladic island in its traditional architecture.
Literature ANTIPAROS
Just a fifteen-minute jaunt away on the HISA zodiac, Antiparos offers participants an easy-to-get-to alternative on weekends, with its impressive stalactite cave and quiet coves. Whether on your own or with some of your new friends, enjoy one of the Aegean's unspoiled island gems.
Literature SAMOS
The Kouros of Samos, a 5 meter high statue which in ancient times overlooked the sacred way linking the town of Samos with the Temple of Hera, is now housed in the island's Archaeological Museum.